He Really Likes Rabbits

Written by Mark McElroy

We are on a bus tour. A nature guide is telling us about the local flora and fauna in Torres del Pines. “Juanacos,” she says. “They’re those cameloid herd animals that look like llamas.”

The elderly gentleman in the seat in front of us clears his throat. “Are there rabbits?”

“Foxes, of course.” She thinks a bit. “And the birds.”

The elderly gentleman raises his voice. “And are there any rabbits?”

“Birds include the condor and the eagle,” the guide says. “They feed on the mice, of which there are several varieties.”

“Rabbits!” the elderly man cries. “Rabbits! Rabbits!”

The guide frowns. “Rabbits?”

“Yes!” the man squeals. “Tell about rabbits!”

The bus gets very quiet.

“No,” the guide murmurs. “No rabbits.”

The elderly man falls silent. For the rest of the trip, he stares out the window, saying nothing.

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