Mexico City

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Airport Taxis. Take a legal, licensed taxi (do *not* accept rides offered from non-licensed taxi drivers) from the queue. (At both the airport and the bus stations, taxi queue operators will take down your destination, calculate the fare, and hand a slip to a driver they select for you.)

Airport Transfers.We arranged an airport transfer through Journeys Beyond the Surface, which worked well because we started a tour the minute we disembarked the plane.

Uber. If you're just going straight to your hotel, you might as well use Uber to summon a car. With Uber, there's no juggling of cash, no need to explain your destination, and no tipping. While in Mexico City, we found Uber to be a safe, clean, cheap, and delightful alternative to taxis.

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- Taking a trip to Taxco
- Chapultepec Park and Castle
- Pyramids
- Restaurant Overview